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Adrian Candido


Nu Alpha Kappa


Major : Political Science

Year:  5th

Fun Fact: I love spicy food 

Andrea Porras

VP of Finance

Sigma Delta Sigma


Major : International studies and French

Year: 4th

Fun Fact: I am vegetarian. 

Guadalupe Echeagaray
Executive Vice President

Phi Lambda Rho

Major: English and Chicano Studies

Year: 5th

Fun Fact: I have visited Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Brianna Acosta

VP of Programming

Phi Lambda Rho 

Major: Criminology/Law

Year: 3rd

Fun Fact:

Sarah Nguyen 
VP of Communications

Sigma Delta Sigma 

Major : Public Health Policy and Education

Year: 3rd

Fun Fact: I love listening to music and pandas.

Mandy Arceo

VP of Risk Management 

Lambda Sigma Gamma


Major : Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Year: 2nd

Fun Fact: I collect cacti.

Tereza Agesyan

VP of Scholarship

Alpha Gamma Alpha

Major : Political Science

Year: 2nd

Fun Fact:.I have an identical twin sister and have had my name changed.