Danielle Sugano

Delta Lambda Chi 

Major: English Literature  & Psychology 

Year: 4th

Fun Fact: She has have 6 dogs , one kitty , two snakes , two frogs , two guinea pigs , and one bunny- All rescues !

Mira Angelia Celzo 

VP of Programming

Delta Phi Gamma 

Major : Public Health Sciences 

Year: 3rd

Fun Fact: She loves eating Sushi and cooking 

Anthony Agutos 

VP of Scholarship 

Chi Rho Omicron 

Major: Biological Sciences 

Year: 2nd

Fun Fact:  His favorite food is sushi


 Executive Vice President


Major : 


Fun Fact: 

Anthony Brown 

VP of Recruitment

Chi Rho Omicron 

Major: Public Health Policy

Year: 3rd

Fun Fact: He Loves Volleyball and basketball

Eva Mooradian 
VP of Communications

Alpha Gamma Alpha 

Major :  Criminology  Law and Society 

Year: 4th

Fun Fact: Her go to grilled cheese on toasted everything bagel with different cheeses. 

Kasey Leung 
VP of Risk Management 

Delta Phi Gamma 

Major : Psychology 

Year: 3rd

Fun Fact: 

Greg Farhadian
VP of Recruitment

Alpha Epsilon Omega 

MajorComputer Science 

Year: 3rd

Fun Fact: He has played piano since he was 5 

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